Quilts Somewhat In The Middle
Quilts Somewhat In The Middle
Quilts Somewhat In The Middle

Quilts Somewhat In The Middle

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For those who love light, fresh and tender quilts, Susan Smith’s book is just for you! Her choice of color palettes and design is reminiscent of a lovely country cottage and the nature surrounding it. With 16 projects to choose from, there is a charming gift for everyone and every room – full-size quilts, crib quilts, coverlets... Now all you have to do is to get
comfortable with a nice cup of tea and enjoy the view!

Born and raised in Australia, Susan grew up in a household of skilled needlewomen. A “maker” of everything (from doll clothes, dolls, knitting, embroidery, lace making, quilting or cooking) since as far back as she can remember, Susan’s creative journey has been just as eclectic. She has had quilts commissioned for a television series, has opened her own
shop and still gives classes to this day. Oh, and Susan is always collecting fabrics!
Her love of applique quilts on white backgrounds and British quilts underlines her ever-evolving work. Susan strives to keep her quilts current and to make them for the environment in which they will find a home. All of this translates into quilts that are thoroughly enjoyed by many, even her canine companions. Susan’s approach to quilting is
truly a breath of fresh air!
Includes 16 projects

  • Pages: 184
  • Author: Susan Smith
  • Publish Date: 2019

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