Quarter 1 Calendar Series Machine Embroidery
Quarter 1 Calendar Series Machine Embroidery

Quarter 1 Calendar Series Machine Embroidery

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Q1 installment of the Machine Embroidery version of the MM13 series, which are a 2-part design that features a month header and a cute design. **These are intended to be displayed on our custom-designed, made in the USA stand -- 37197.** This kit will include instructions for three (3) individual patterns for the months of January, February, and March. All the files will be located on a single USB memory stick included with the pattern. Please note that this one USB stick contains a TON of information for SATIN stitch, BLANKET stitch, traditional applique, and detailed, step-by-step instructions for machine embroidery. January's design features a cute snowman holding a darling candy cane near some snow-topped trees. The snowman's nose and candy cane are hand-made buttons that you're going to want to add. February's design shows our favorite cardinals near a Valentine's Day-themed tree. It's snowy, but we can almost taste the end of winter! March's design has some good ol' fashioned Irish flair. Luck is spelled out with a horseshoe ""U."" The butterfly uses a hand-made button for its body. Machine embroidery files will embroider the button shapes -- the snowman nose, candy cane, and butterfly bodies. So, the buttons are not a must-have item. However, we love the more 3D and tangible look of buttons and always encourage them. Finally: hoop size. We have designed the MM13 series ME versions to work with 5x7"" hoops. This means that anyone can finish these patterns, though it will require double-hooping. So, it's not as convenient and double-hooping doesn't allow for the flip-and-fold, in-the-hoop attachment of the borders. For those with larger hoops, a single hoop project is a breeze and will even include the borders for both header and design.

  • Printed Paper Pattern
  • Finished Size: 11in x 12in
  • Final Product: Home Decor - Includes Pillows
  • Paper Templates Included
  • Technique Used: Applique / Machine Embroidery
  • Skill Level: Beginner

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